March 8, 2010

rant #78: the one about her srz bznz.

Product name: Pilin.
Made from: Sugar, spice, a pinch of dirt and everything nice.
Date of production: Sometime in November of '87.
Date of expiration: Unknown.
Nutrition: Good for relaxation and a laugh when bored.
Direction: Guna bila perlu dan punya masa lapang.
Price: Varies. From a simple "Please" to "Alrite, you'll get what you want Bitch."
Warning: May cause heartaches and headaches.

Sold in selected locations.

p/s : I have a game, its called "See how long she can last with her pretend face on". Wanna bet?

rant #77: the one who feels dead inside.

"Will you lend me an ear? I guess I just need someone to talk to."
"Fatal combination; wallowing in self pity with a hope of getting better.
And yet here I am doing the same."
"What a burden it is to carry a heart. Will it feel better without one?"
"You should know that I have not given up hope untill the last minute of time and that leaves me no room to save myself."

p/s : I guess you're no psychic either.

March 5, 2010

rant #76: the one about her and ze gang.

Ni video hari jadi i yang lepas dengan kawan-kawan i.
Kami awesome.

p/s: my friends, we'll be together till the end.

March 4, 2010

rant #75:

lagu lama.

p/s: come back and sing.

March 3, 2010

rant #74: the one who sadly, will never understand.

Ini post random, tajuk juga random. Mungkin datang dari imaginasi.

Hari no 1.
"Berahsie sangat."
"Kamu pon sama."

Hari no 2.
"Dia datang."
"Aku harap dia kena transfer pegi Iraq."

Hari no 3.
"Ah perlu tules nama ayah, nanti orang salah faham."
"Sapa la aku nak cari gadoh dengan kamu."

Hari no 4.
"Rasa besi dalam mulut."
"You tolong google apa sakit i."

Hari no 5.
Belum jadi lagi.

p/s: Try hard to learn to listen. I'm talking my words, not your's. I'm saying what i want to say, not what you want to hear.

March 1, 2010

rant #73: the one when she felt sorry for You. You're Pathethic.

Ronan Keating cakap,

"You say it best when you say nohing at all."

And aku guna ayat atas dalam cara paling tak romantik yang aku boleh.

So please kau, stop bercakap.

p/s : No there's no trouble in heaven. The only trouble is when you're outside.