April 15, 2009

rant #17 : the one where she's a super computer geek

see, see
tengok, tengok
lappie sudah free from conficker.

bg yg wth?! conficker is a virus

hella of a big deal this is sebab aku halau asshole ni diri sendiri.
kind of la
thanks stig and pika sebab tolong dL stuff
sebab this first class A-hole block semua antivirus website

GEEK GIRL : hurm..thats why lappie tak lei update...kesian..

ok, kalau nak check if you are infected clickoshere and follow instructions here use a clean computer to download the tools and unzip the files.

p/s : "Here's to you Here's to me Nobody knows Nobody sees Nobody but me"

April 2, 2009

rant #16 : the one with the quick update

Aku, Mr A-to-donis & Fathiah

Birthday Markey@ Maria Anastacia
~selamat ke-21 uols~

~"1,2,3,4 GET OUT"~

~happening mcm neraka, berselut mcm kt sawah
got meself one RM10 earplugs/bangle and rashes all over. hell yeah~

Birthday Pel
~21 juga, sampai sekarang tuhan xsyg ko lg. muahx~

Dinner PE
~sombre. atleast all of us were dressed to kill. kebaya rocks!
hebat Athia Rozali, besar bangat hamper kamu dong~

p/s : Hidup kena enjoy :))